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Grad School Admission - Open Survery

  1. Mar 17, 2006 #1
    I have an idea. If you like, particiate for all of us! or ignore it.
    If you are told your admission(wheather yes or no) to any graduate school in Physics and related fields, share some informations with others by listing the following...
    0) Got it or Didn't Get in
    1) Name of the school
    2) Title of Degree (ex: Nuclear Physics, Physics, Medical Physics....)
    3) Degree Seeked (Master or Ph.d)
    4) Degree earned from undergraduate
    4) Upper Division GPA
    5) Lower Division GPA
    6) Major GPA
    7) List of Publications if Any
    8) List of Internship or Research experiences
    9) General GRE Scores (Verbal and Math)
    10) Physics GRE Scores

    Wow, that's alot.........I would also like to see those who are already in graduate programm if you can recall what you had concerning above lists.

    Thanks alot!
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