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Grad School Admission questions

  1. May 1, 2009 #1
    Hello. I'm an international student studying Computer Engineering at University of Wyoming. I'm graduating in December 2009 and I hoped to get some advice regarding the admission of a grad school based on my standing.

    I've already took the GRE, and I got 600/760/4.0 for Verbal, Quantitative, and writing respectively so I think I did O.K. in it. Problem lies on my current GPA, as it is at 2.8, but that is because I failed couple of classes and I plan to retake them before I graduate. I expect the GPA to be raised at least above 3.1 by then.

    So the question I wanted to ask is, if I wanted to apply for M.S degree in either Electrical Engineering or Computer Science at schools such as Texas A&M and UT at Austin (I ruled out Tier 1 schools to begin with due to my GPA), what do you think my odds of getting in will be? If I DO get in, what about the odds of receiving a financial aid?

    I know this is an absurd question to ask, but I'd seriously appreciate your honest opinions on this matter. This issue has been troubling me for quite a while. Thank you.
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    Ah yes.. that's practically what I meant, but Austin was kind of an exception in the case I guess.

    Anyways, any thoughts on my odds?
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    Admissions to top 25 schools is still very very competitive. It might be a notch below top 10 admissions, but it is still very difficult. You should contact the department you are interested in and gauge what your chances are. But there is not a significant dropoff in terms of competitiveness when you go from top 10 to top 25.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I might even argue that the quality of a Top 25 school is often the same or better than a Top 10 school: just not in all subfields.
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