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Grad school choice for master of aerospace engineering

  1. Jul 19, 2008 #1
    Hi people I am going to do Master for Aerospace Engineering in the coming September and having a hard time to decide to go to which school and really like to hear some comment from you people. I have posted this content in the other discussion but seems like nobody read that discussion anymore so I have decided to post it as a new topic, my apology for double posting.

    First of all I have no doubt that I want to go for grad school for aerospace because working for aerospace industry is like my dream since I was in grade 3, and after 4 years of undergrad man I felt like I am so not ready and don't really know a lot. The thing is I am a Canadian, and so far University of Washington and Pennsylvania State University have gave me acceptance already, but because I am an international student the tuition is a whooping 28000 a year...I am still waiting for reply from the University of Toronto where I only have to pay around 8000 a year.

    I am having such a hard time to decide where I want to go, it seem like in the future I will have more job opportunity if I go to UW or PSU since they are in the state and both of them are top 20 in aerospace engineering I believe. However I think UT is the top one in aerospace engineering in Canada, but then there are not that much school has aerospace in Canada so I really have no idea where does UT stands against UW and PSU...and the different in tuition is just so great...Plus there doesn't seem to be much jobs in aerospace industry in Canada...

    I am glad my family are supporting me continue my study and actually have the money ready for my tuition if I decide to go to US, but then UT is still an option for me to save a lot of money for my family as well...

    Basically I would like to have any kind of comment on my dillema, and does anybody know how is UT's (Univertisy of Toronto) reputation in the aerospace industry and how good are their aerospace program? I think UT has pretty good world standing at general engineering but not sure about its aerospace program.
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