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Grad School Choices

  1. Mar 30, 2009 #1
    I've been offered admissions to Concordia University (not very well known) in comp sci with a little funding, and (maybe) admissions to University of Toronto (a lot more renowned) in math with no funding. Both are a master's (which is a pre-requisite for a PhD in almost all Canadian universities).

    What's the better choice?
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    It depends on how much debt you want. I was in the same position you are in last spring and chose to go the the smaller school (where I got my BS) because they offered me support while others did not. I did this because I'm going on to get my PhD and didn't want to start off 4-5 years of school with debt. Are they both doing research in the area that you want to work in?
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    You'll probably get a better answer by contacting people in each department - proffs, grad students, academic advisors, etc. and learning about the opportunities each school has to offer. Consider what you would be doing for your thesis project, what courses are available, and the personalities of potential supervisors. All of these factors are far more important than how well known a school's name is.
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    Maybe the question you should be asking yourself is...which do i like more? math? or computer science? then you might have your answer.
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