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Grad school financial question

  1. Feb 7, 2013 #1
    So im debating between declaring an EE or physics major (im a sophomore at a university). Seems like alot of people come to this crossroads. Honestly, the only reason i would do EE is for the better chances of employment after i get my BS. Now i am having to take out a small school loan to help pay the bills and i am worried that if i major in physics ill be trying to pay off those loans with minimum wage jobs because i cant get a real job anywhere. I also plan to go to grad school. So my question is for the people who had to take out loans and how they managed them after graduating with a BS. Did you take out even more loans during grad school and end up paying the lot of them after recieving a phd?
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    If you have been accepted by a Ph.D. program but not given any financial support, they have actually rejected you, but wanted to be polite in case you are independently wealthy.

    Generally speaking, you should receive tuition and a small stipend during your Ph.D. studies, in exchange for either teaching or research services. You shouldn't have to take out any additional loans to get a Ph.D.

    The situation is different for master's degrees. Full support there is the exception, rather than the rule.
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    Well said.
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    Depends on the school. Well over half of the students accepted into Stanford's EE grad program do not get a funding offer. They typically pay for one year and get support if they pass the Ph.D. screening exam.
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