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Grad school for phd in NANOTECH?

  1. Jun 24, 2012 #1
    Grad school for phd in NANOTECH??

    I am planning for a Phd in Nanotechnology, particularly related to Molecular robotics/NEMS/MEMS/ and even nano-composites may do..though its not my first choice
    currently i am pursuing B.Tech in Mech engg...and have Cumulative gpa (till 6th sem) of 8.7/10 which roughly correspond to 4.00/4.00 ( from online gpa converter)..which colleges should i apply ??..the list i prepared is
    2) Ohio state univ.
    4)USC viterbi

    what are prospects of getting GRA/GTA (for phd) at these colleges for international students??
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