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Grad School/GRE

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    Im graduating this spring and I am going to apply to some graduate schools and have to take the GRE's. So.. When is a good time to take them and how much in advance should you prepare for them, like a good rule of thumb?
    I was planning early september... Too soon/late?

    Also, anyone know a site for small and mid-size graduate schools, preferably meteorology or atmos. sciences?

    Also im not going to send scores yet as its still early and haven't decided where I want to go. So can I get it sent later? Is it bad that i havent picked schools to send my scores to now?

    Also my GPA is a 3.2 out of 4.0 scale and im a little nervous. I don't go to a big school but a moderate size university. So im trying to find schools with "MS programs at schools that have lower requirements" so I can have a safe school so to speak. As alot of programs with my field are big size like the university of Colorado etc so I don't know if my school name might hinder me.
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    A very good website that has profiles of a lot of US gradschools with physics and astronomy programs is http://www.gradschoolshopper.com/" [Broken]

    It has very useful information, average GRE score requirements, faculty, etc. The only drawback is that it's not very up to date. It's based on the data of 2002 (I think).

    I am myself taking the GREs this fall and I personally think that it depends on your preparation when you'd want to take them.

    About sending scores, you can send your score to four universities without any additional fee and you are only supposed to name them just after you take the test, on the test site. So there's plenty of time :biggrin:

    Besides if you aren't confident of good scores, why not wait for the results and send them after you are sure they are good? It costs $15 per university! :frown:
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    the physics subject GRE is available only in november, december, and april.
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    This time it's available only in October, November and April. No December GRE Subject this time around!
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    actually, that makes sense.
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    Good luck on the GRE. Don't stress out too much.
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