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Grad School Opinion

  1. Aug 3, 2012 #1

    As part of my degree I will have to undergo 8 months on working in industry (I may be able to get a minor research position) but let's assume I end up in industry during my second semester of Junior (third) year.

    Unfortunately this takes up my summer holidays which would have been an ideal time to get some undergrad research done.

    I realize that Grad Schools prefer to see that some undergrad research was done, but what i'm asking is what how would they view working in industry for 8 months?
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    Is this for physics or engineering or what?
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    Oh sorry, ah that would be physics.
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    I realize that this may be a unique situation to the members of this forum but if anyone has any input at all I would be most appreciative.
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    I did much, much more research in industry than I ever did or COULD do at my undergrad institution. PhDs at my old job were required to publish at least once a year. My productivity in industry was about 20x what I am doing now in grad school (not exaggerating) simply I had much more space, more resources, and no grad students that have been in academia for far too long getting in my way.

    Try to get as much as you can working a 'real' job.
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    Cool thanks! It's a long way off yet but i'm just thinking about it so far.

    I just hope I can find one where research is done as opposed to just programming. I was talking to a graduate of the course and that's what he was doing for 8 months.
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