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I am applying to get into the masters program at my school. The process includes a statement of purpose which I need to write. I've asked around the department and found out that these grad school essays differ a lot from undergraduate application essays. One of the advisor told me not to write about my hobbies and extra curricular. So should I write about my reasons for attending grad school? The research I would like to do. What do you think the commitee likes to hear?

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I am not sure for masters programes, but for PhD I think they would like to know reasons why are you applying to that specific school. And ofcourse this includes what research would you like to do... the more specific, the better. It would also be great if you have already done something relating to research you like to do, then also mention that.

I found this link googling for few seconds so I'm sure there are more schools which have their guidelines: .

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