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Grad school questions

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    I'm sure some of this has already been answered, but I'm going to go ahead and ask. I'm a physics undergrad but I might want to go into engineering for my masters. My math teacher kind of talked me into double majoring, because math comes so easy to me, but I'm still not sure, because it'd mean another semester and I've switched majors so much that I have a lot of extra hours already and I'll be charged out of state tuition if I'm not careful. I was wondering how much better double majoring would look compared to just having a lot of math, if I choose to go into engineering.
    Secondly, I'm kind of confused about engineering. The thing that interested me is a show I saw where grad students were in a competition designing/building houses that run completely off of solar energy. I thought this was neat, because though exploring astronomy is fun, I'm very much a "make stuff" and design kind of person ( I was an art major before I switched to physics). From the research I've done, solar energy is generally under the mechanical engineering department, but this isn't entirely consistent. I'm from Texas but I'm hoping to go to Univ. of Alberta, so I've been e-mailing them, but I thought I'd ask here too.

    So anyways, my physics profs try to encourage physics, and my math profs encourage math. I thought an outside view would be helpful.
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    If you like astronomy and like building things I would say going for Aerospace Engineering... but I am just an undergrad that isn't 100% sure about everything lol. I am going for Aerospace engineering starting this fall. I have had some science and math before changing majors at my prior college but I haven't had much experience. So I guess I am saying don't make a decision off of what I think haha. Hopefully I have helped some though.
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    Thanks! One cool thing I noticed while looking at grad school websites is that most engineers have more than one research interest, and one guy had 3 totally different interests, one of them working on stuff for exploring Mars. Astronomers tend to focus on one area though. Which makes me lean towards engineering.
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    yeah, the mars rovers is actually what sparked my interest in Aerospace Engineering. I did a paper on them along with a few other robotic systems in space, and as I did I decided to change my major. Luckily I ended up writing that paper my freshman year first semester lol.
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    i am a math prof and we encourage math because we love it (and we need more warm brains in our program). but you have to live with it, so go with what you love. but physicists do use a lot of math, so if physics is your thing take as much math as feasible.
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