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Grad school rigor

  1. Mar 30, 2009 #1
    This is an odd question.
    Now when it comes it grad school, I am sure that it is A LOT of work.
    But are there any schools that stick out particularly for having the most rigorous program in the fields of mathematics and physics? Or is rigor pretty much standard everywhere?
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    It doesn't really work like that for grad school (at least for PhDs)
    You are responsible for your work, it is examined at the end by an internal and external examiner or a committee.
    There are certainly schools that have a stricter entry requirement (because they are popular) and some will have a policy of weeding-out candidates in the first year before they start their own research.

    But you cannot judge the quality/worth of a PhD from the school in the same way you (perhaps) can for a ugrad degreee.
    It is much more dependant on the group/supervisor - there are a lot of world class research groups in certain fields based in "never heard of it U", similairly there are large departments at famous instutes that haven't produced anythign new for years.
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