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Grad school?

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    I'm confused about what grad school I'd like to go to.. I'm taking physics first year university and was wondering if this would give an advantage what-so ever into entering grad schools,.. or do they not lookat it at all?
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    Look at what?
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    The fact that you took physics in first year.. or do they look at the GPA only? I heard that they don't really care about the 1st year GPA, is this true?

    I want to go to grad school for psych but it doesn't even relate to physics...
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    Then why are you doing physics as an undergrad? They are not related, and I dont know if they would accept you into psychology with a physics major.

    Physics is hard yes, but if someone has a good resume in psychology for undergrad they are going to be in a better position than you are as a 4.0 physics student. The psyh deparment doesnt want you to do physics research for them.
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    Haha, I'm confused.

    I heard they put most of the emphasis on 3rd and 4th.

    But then again, some schools look at it all, but I doubt a 1st year class will cause you to get rejected. I think it all comes down to reference letters and such. If a school can't decide between you and some other guy, then they will probably interview you both. I doubt they will base the decision on what you got in Calculus I.
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    A good school is going to look at you all around. Just do your best and get nothing but A's. If your trying to justify doing horrible for the first year, that's not a good thing by anyones standards.
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    I'm only taking first year physics because I was considering doing med school... but for 2nd - 4rth year I plan on doing a major for psychology and sociology.

    Thanks for your advice!

    P.S: A's? That's really hard... what if I got A's in all years except 1st?... first year isn't going too well for me
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    What do you mean 'only doing first year'?

    If you change, that is not your 2nd -4th year. You are going to have to start all over, (more or less) from square one as a psych major.

    This sounds like a big waste of time and money to me.

    Get A's, always, all the time, forever and ever, no excuses. Work hard, that is how life works. Turn your grades around and do well by working hard to earn it.

    Why would you do physics for med school? Pre-med students typically take Biology. You really need to talk to an advisor at your school.
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    I have the psychology for first year.. but I'm also taking all of the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) maybe it's different in Canada? We don't start adding in our majors / specialist programs/ minors until second year.. but we start the prereq for certain programs 1st year..
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    Errrr..........Maryland is not in Canada......

    Well, you need to talk to an advisor. Just because your first year does not mean your classes are going to be the same for a first year physics undegrad or a first year psych.

    What your saying makes no sense to me. You have to pick a major and be in a particular "school" just taking science classes is nonsense.

    Can you clarify what you mean? What school are you in? Physics or Psych?
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    At most colleges and universities in the USA, most students do not take courses specific to their major field until their second year. The first year is usually taken up with "general education" courses, and prerequisite courses for what they initially think they want to major in.

    Many of the first-year students in our introductory physics course are there because they thought they wanted to go into physics or engineering, then they change their minds and switch to business or psychology or something else instead. They haven't wasted their time entirely in the intro physics course, because they can use it to meet the science component of our general education requirements.
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    I think I see whe he is saying now. He is not a physics major, he is talking about taking a first year physics course. I thought he was a first year physics major.
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    For some reason, I pity the one marking his work. :grumpy:
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