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Grad School

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    I'm looking into suggestions for physics grad school based on specialization (every search online just does it by state, which is secondary priority to me)

    my interests are: bose-einstein condensates, optics (maybe quantum optics), particle physics.

    I've heard U of Colorado is good for BEC, and Oklahoma and Texas are good for quantum optics.

    Or is there an online resource that searches grad schools by branch of physics?
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    Ben Niehoff

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    Unfortunately, that site simply lists results alphabetically, and doesn't seem to do any useful ranking...although, I suppose you could cross-reference with some of the ranking sites...

    I think this site might be useful, too:

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    I have toured the department at WSU twice with my high school and I know Professor Peter Engals there has produced BEC and he seems like a nice guy. This might be a good backup for you to think about, although I must say I'm not sure if WSU is too great as far as grad school, it may be but I don't know. They also have a new schock physics building where they do a lot of pretty cool research.

    For more information: http://www.physics.wsu.edu/
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    Arizona and Rochester are both great schools for optics, they have separate programs in the optical sciences, so their physics programs also have strong research programs in optics. You could apply in optical science or physics.
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