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Grad Schools in Canada, 2-3year outta undegrad

  1. Sep 6, 2005 #1
    Hey, was wondering howone would get back in the academic world(grad school) if one has been out for 2-3 years after undegrad.
    Looking to get into computational sciences for neurosci/cogsci/alife OR VR/3D graphics OR astrophysics/classical physics OR crypography/graph theory

    I've always wanted to do research...Haven't been able to find a job because of it and its always on my mind whether it been brain mapping, Alife, number theory, graph theory or physics. Spent the 2-3 years learning game programming and relearning psych and some math. but for a good year and a half was addicted to PC games.

    GPA-B/B+ minus my psych marks is a A-/A...hehe psych for cs students should be taugh a totally different way.

    probably have to do more undergrad years but I already have student loans and going back for UG would mean more.

    Any tips/help wuold be welcome

    thanks in advance
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    Your best bet would be to check out some schools with programs you're interested in, and then get in touch with their graduate advisors and someone in the grad school office. Most places will have programs in place to help students like you (sometimes they're called 'mature' graduate students, which usually has no relation to the student's age). You would certainly not be the first person to go back to school several years after finishing undergrad. They can assess your previous undergrad work and current work experience to see what additional courses you might need to take before or during your first year as a grad student.
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