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Homework Help: Grade 10 - Algebra Question

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    Please, I really need this answer by today (before 12 hrs from now), for my take-home-quiz..
    A quadrilateral has vertices K(-1,4) L(2,2) M(0,-1) and N(-3,1). Verify that:

    a) a quadrilateral is a square

    b) each diagonal of the quadrilateral is the perpendicular bisector of the other diagonal

    c) the diagonals of the quadrilateral are equal in length
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    sorry, take home quizzes are to test your knowledge not ours.
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    I cannot understand the question, please help me... -- forget i said it was take-home-quiz, its actually my homework.. please just help..
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    Did you plot the given points? Are they a square? What do you know of the properties of a square that you could apply to this?

    Look at the definition of a perpendicular bisector, can you apply it to the diagonals of your quadrilateral?

    Tell us something of what you know about a quadrilateral and a square.
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    Try plotting the points on a graph paper, it will help you vizualize

    Now here are some hints:
    Square as 4 congruent sides
    Square has at least 1 right angle

    look up the distance formula in ur textbook and how to find slope, and how slopes are in right angles
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