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Homework Help: Grade 12 Calculus, can someone pls, check for me?

  1. Dec 14, 2004 #1
    For both questions i have to find dy/dx
    1. y=x^5e^-3x

    I got (5x^4 e^-3x) + (x^5 (-3xe^-3x-1))

    some how that doesn't look right to me. not too sure...

    y= --------
    My answer was:

    (e^-x) - (1-e^-x) (2xe^2x-1)
    y'= -----------------------------

    Thanks for your help! It's much appreciated!
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    1.It's wrong.It is an "x" too much.Figure out where. :wink:
    2.It's wrong.Again an "x" too much,a 'minus' missing,a whole term missing and a sqare on the denominator.Figure it out yourself.

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    First of all, thanks for replying, i'm still working on fixing the 2nd question, but i think i got the first one, the answer should be:

    y' = (5x^4 e^-3x) + (x^5 -3e^-3x)
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