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Grade 12 Physics Question

  1. Jan 25, 2012 #1
    Mars travels around the Sun in 1.68 Earth years in an approximately circular orbit with a radius of 2.18 x 10^8 km. Determine the mass of the Sun.

    Fairly easy, I know most of how to do it but I keep getting wrong answers. Help me out a bit? Thanks!
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    Ok well you can you can set Fg equal to Fc.

    Fg = Fc

    G msmm/r2 = mm2r/T2

    Simplifies to

    G Ms = 4π2r3/T2


    (6.67x10-11) Ms = 4(3.14)2(2.18x1011)3/(52980480)2

    Ms = UDOIT kg
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