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Grade 12 Planes in Air question, help

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    Two planes fly from Toronto to Philadelphia (To. - Philly). Plane A flies via Pittsburgh whereas passengers on plane B have a direct flight. Pitts. is 350km due south of To. and 390km due West of Philly. The airspeed of both planes is 400km/h and a steady wind is blowing from the east at 60.0km/h.

    a) what direction must the pilot take for the plane flying from To. to Pitts?

    I drew a vector diagram with a line directly south, then a vector to the west connecting it to make a ninety degress angle. The hypoteneuse was the course required, so I found the angle between the hypoteneuse and vector going south using sin(angle) = 60.0km/h divided by 400.0km/h . I got a heading of 400 km/h (9° E of S) sound good?

    b) How long will the entire flight take for plane A assuming a 0.50-h layover in Pittsburgh? Don't know how to account for airspeed

    Please Help, then question c) How much time must the pilot of plane B wait before leaving Toronto if she is to arrive in Philly at the same time plane A arrives?

    Thanks for your help
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