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Grade Average?

  1. Sep 28, 2010 #1
    I'm in high school, I would like to be an Astrophysicist and I was researching online the average you need to get the BS, it said you need a 70% average for most programs. I honestly don't think i will finish with a 70% average seeing as i'm quite weak in Social and my options. My passions are math and physics and i always do well percentage wise in those classes (85-95%) i do quite well in chemistry but i'm not the best. Anyways i'm afraid i won't finish with a 70% average because of my options and social. If i were to not have the 70% but i had 90%+ in maths, physics and a average grade in chemistry would i be accepted because those are the marks that are important? Also are there a lot of people who are trying to be in this field?
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