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Grades At Uni

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    When an employer looks to employ somebody straight from uni, what exactly will they look at? Will it be grades from individual units, my GPA, or something else, and how far back to they tend to look?

    Ive just started my first year in a commerce/engineering degree and so far my grades have been quite good, way above the class averages. Im just wondering, will good grades at such an early stage have a big impact on my employment opportunities, or is it my grades towards the end of my degree which will mean the most, or does it really just depend on the employer?

    Also, how exactly is a GPA calculated? Does it change from uni to uni, or is it standard across the globe?

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    It's up to them what they ask to see. Many won't even look at grades at all. What you can do matters far more than numbers on a transcript in the end, the numbers are just one way to help convince people of it.

    Grades towards the end of your degree tend to be given greater weight, when such things are examined.

    CGPA tends to be SUM (course credits * course gpa) / total credits.
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