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Grades in basic math subjects

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    Hi! I'm a sophomore interested in applying to reus over the summer (and grad schools later). Would it be a big problem applying to these places later if I got a B in a basic class like analysis? I've also taken abstract algebra courses and got A's in them. Most of the places that I'm applying to seem to be really hard to get in and it looks like this may pose a problem, especially since I didn't do well in a very important basic subject that is used everywhere. This is mostly for reus, since I'm planning to take more analysis classes later.
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    Are you considering REUs in math or physics? Either way, a B isn't bad. You received A's in algebra which says more.
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    I am in pretty much this very same situation. Got a B in complex analysis, but a's in two linear algebra classes and Diff. Eq.
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    Just remember to apply to some lower level schools as well for REUs, even if they are of much less prestige than the school you currently go to. Getting one is difficult no matter where you apply so you will be happy to get in ANYWHERE.
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    I don't think an occasional B in an upper divisional course is life ending, as long as one doesn't make a habit out of it. But that's just my opinion.
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    Thanks for all the replies. Another (possible) problem is that I have a B in a graduate algebra class already (the ones I mentioned before are undergrad). :/ I'm just really worried after looking at people I know going to reus. Hopefully nothing bad will happen as long as I'm being reasonable. @Mmm_Pasta: I'm applying to math reus.
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