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Grades with an upgoing trend

  1. Jan 10, 2015 #1
    Hi, I'm from an arguably near top Canadian uni, most schools look at 3rd or 4th year grades. I have an average around 80 which is about an A-. But I did really well in my first 4th year term, full course load, four 400 level courses including something like 98 in Electrodynamics(or E&M3) and also 90+ in Quantum mechanics 3, term avg is like 89. But went hard on a language 101 courses like a C+ and one stat mech which was really sad(unlucky had a hard prof).

    Had a good connection with a prof at a place I'm applying to (current prof recommended personally) and he basically said will be happy to have me in his group. However he only knows my 4th year grades, we just mentioned during a talk and I told him that i did pretty good last term.

    So what do you think? I'm getting pretty stressed out if he sees my final transcript and think i'm bad.
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    More recent grades are more relevant, but what profs are really looking for is good research, so research experience with a good recommendation is even better.
    I don't understand who recommended you based on what.
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