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Grading proofs

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    To those of you who may grade proofs in which the result is not stated (ie prove or disprove), which of the following do you think is easier to grade, and a better format:

    A) Proof..... Therefore the theorem is false/true.

    B) The theorem is false/true. To see this, consider the following: Proof...

    I think that B is actually easier to read. You have stated your goal prior and so it seems that the proof would be easier to read (you don't have to guess where it is going). I feel like if I were grading these types of assignments, I'd read the conclusion first anyway.
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    I think the second option is superiour. As you said, it organizes the reasoning from the beginning and makes clear where the author is going.
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    Definitely take the second option. I see many students taking the first option in their exams and it makes it a lot harder for me.
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    Second one, of course.
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