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Grads Vs Degrees

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    [SOLVED] Grads Vs Degrees

    Knew a civil engineer whose soecialty was hydroelectric dams. He used 400 grads exclusively - as opposed to 360 degrees. Would like to know the rationale behind this....please!
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    Surely there must be some civil engineers in this company....

    A major interest in this subject has to do with the rate of increase (or decrease) for given magnitude on the curve; in this instance that curve being the arc of the quadrant. The diurnal rate of motion on that arc is 15 degrees/hour, and every postion of diurnal note directly relevant to biological propagations at the particular moment - "Everything has its place in the sun."

    I'm curious as to whether the describing of distance between each degree might be more accurately given by 400 grads than by 360 degrees. There must be some legitimate reason for the system of grads.
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    I can't see how it would be any more accurate.

    The only reason I can think of would be convention. The previous engineers used grads, and they learned it because the engineers who came before them used grads.

    It's possible that the dams he works on have major components which are incremented in percentages. If for example a circular piece has 100 different settings as it rotates from 'up' to 'down', then there are no integer degree markers for them, whereas each setting would be 2 grads difference.

    It really doesn't matter which system you use, as long as you use it consistantly, and designate your units when communicating with others.
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