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GradSchool or not

  1. Jan 22, 2010 #1
    Hey guys,
    I'm a senior at UC Santa Cruz, double major in Computer Science (B.S) and
    MCD Biology (B.S.) (i.e., Micro-, Cell, and Developmental Biology).

    Pretty much, I'm trying to get a job after college when I graduate in June,
    (can involve anything covered by either field). Ideally, I want to take some
    time off from school (year, perhaps) and get my own place, even with some
    roommates (rent seems cheap in Santa Cruz, with >=3 roommates).

    Is this feasible? Or, must I go to grad.school RIGHT AWAY?
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    People do it all the time, so it shouldn't kill you. Probably a good idea to get some space from school if you're not crazy about the whole thing anyway. Masters programs are full of people who are working part time, and some programs (like MBAs) actually prefer people with experience. Just have your recommendation letters on file for when you do apply to school, so you're not forgotten. Some schools let you use a rec or two from employers, but don't rely on that leniency.
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