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Gradshteyn & Ryzhik

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    I have a lecturer who has taunted me with the book "Table of Integrals, Series & Products"
    by Gradshteyn & Ryshik with the fact that he could do everything in the book before he even
    went to university. Not being a soviet teenager I was playing guitar & hated math but had I
    that interest I'd have mastered this book by age 15 :rolleyes:
    In any case, the book looked terrifying at first, absolutely terrifying, but I mean looking in it
    it isn't that bad. Theoretically I should be able to manage the first 600 pages based off of
    the contents of something like thomas calculus but I mean most of the integrals in this book
    are pretty scary when you flip open to some random page in the early hundreds.
    Just wondering if people have anything to say on this, whether there are other books I
    should read with more of an inkling on how to manage the integrals in G&R :cool:
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    Make sure you have enough vodka on hand. I read a story that the authors mostly wrote the book in an isolated cabin in Siberia & determined how difficult a formula was by how many vodkas they drank by the time they finished derivating it.
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    It would be easier to climb Everest than to "work the first 600 pages" of this Epic Tome.
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    This is just a reference book - they don't derive integrals at all. It's just a collection of integrals precisely for the reason that you do not need to derive it yourself.

    In fact, a lot of the integrals you find in there are just copy/pasted from other sources, such as the books on integrals by Arthur Erdélyi et al.

    So please, don't waste your time on it.
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