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Graduate Admission: Will they understand emergency?

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    In short: If some one screw up in his grades in the first term/year in Uni, [for emergency reasons] then he/she shows an excellent results later. With a good teachers recommendations. Is that "screw up" will be almost forgetton, even though its effect will still in the GPA? [Take into considersation IVy's universities]

    The question may sound a bit strange since it is presented with somehow an emotional/steem factor in saying the question. But the answer needed is realistic, and helps in maknig good mature desiscions :smile: Thx for help.
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    I hope so. I got lazy(yes I know its not an emergency, but if they ask it will be lol) last semester and got a D in a class, this semester I am pulling all A's though. Hopefully they will overlook that D once I retake the class and get an A. :smile:
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    I've talked with a dean at Princeton about admissions into grad school and he said that all they care about for marks is to see that you've taken a rigorous course load and have done well. A few bad grades here and there aren't a big deal. That counts for relatively little though. Almost all of the meat behind your application is in your reference letters and your statement of interest (entrance essay basically). But yeah, it's references, references, references.

    Short answer: don't worry about it.
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    This is good to hear about princeton, its my school of choice, and i'm glad to hear that. Of course i still have to well, but that one round of midterms sending me to a B average this quarter won't kill me,which is good.
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    Over here, they don't really mind about occasional bad marks on an individual level, but the good universities are all audited by the professional institutions in order to ensure that the university is maintaining the standards required by industry. So it's more an average of everyone in the year's marks, rather than individuals.
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    brewnog, thanks for help, but can you please re-say waht you have said in other waay, I want myself to amek sure that i understand exaclty waht you meant, thx.
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