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Admissions Graduate application deadline

  1. Aug 9, 2016 #1
    Hi! I have a question related to graduate (PhD admission). I am about to finish my MS in Europe and am applying to a university in Canada for my PhD. The university requires 2 reference letters. Two people have said that they will write me letters, and I can see on my application account when they are submitted. One has already submitted a letter. The second has not. Application deadline is in September. I mentioned this to the second reference and got a response along the lines of "I have until September, so I'll do it later".

    But is it true that the sooner my application gets completed the better my chances for admission? Or does it not matter as long as it is submitted by the deadline? Thanks for your help.
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    One of my letter writers submitted his letter literally five minutes before the deadline. It's stressful, but just remind him again about a week before.
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