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Graduate in mathematics

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    Hi folks;
    I have something to ask in this forum bit urgently.I did my B.Tech. in electronics and Telecommunication engineering and MS in computer science.I am thinking of going for phd in computer science but i do accept for myself that i lack lot of computer science knowledge and even mathematics.So, i am basically thinking of going for graduate school probably MS in mathematics and phd in mathematics/computer science latter(will decide latter). What you folks think of this.I know it might be hard to take this route is it ok to be expertise in mathematics and master at this latter stage.I want honest suggestion.Thanks..
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    It will probably be difficult to gain admission to a graduate program in mathematics without an undergraduate degree in math. You should look at the entry requirements for the schools/programs that you're interested in.
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    It will be very tough. You should at least have knowledge in Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Abstract Algebra, and others subjects (such as Applied analysis, differential geometry, or topology,..etc) at the senior undergrad level. However, some schools do allow you to make up these courses in the first year. The problem is that most of these courses are 4th year courses and you need the necessary pre-reqs to get into the courses. You usually do the pre-reqs in previous years. Like the previous poster said, it will be tough getting into math grad school w/o an undergrad math degree. There might be some MSc programs in Math/CompSci field, wouldn't hurt to consider those as well.
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    Yup i agree leakin99 ,i think it is pretty late and i really did mistake. I was about to take B.Sc. in physics and mathematics but i ended up in engineering because of lucrative careers latter and now i repent. May be i will go with my stream for higher education and will suggest new comers to take the subject that they are really interested. I am thinking of going to AI, Neural Network etc..how do u consider this.
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    To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what I or anyone else considers. There are people on this board who can help you regarding AI, Neural Networks etc.. since my knowledge is very limited. But in the end, the decision should be yours. I would suggest talking with some department advisors. I've found from personal experience that they are a valuable resource since they can steer you in a direction you did not think about initially.. (and sometimes the wrong one too). Best of luck in your studies.
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