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Graduate Program Switch?

  1. Dec 21, 2009 #1
    Hello all... First, let me say that I am currently a graduate student in mathematics who would like to change graduate programs to something involving geology. I've always been fascinated with the internal earth and how it behaves. To me, this seems like a big jump. My questions are the following:

    If I apply to a different graduate program at the current university I'm attending, am I likely to get into that grad program?

    With the level of geology/physics courses I've taken (NONE), what do you suppose the chances of getting into any geology graduate program are?
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    Walk over there and ask them. Grad admissions are done by the department, so they're gonna know. Ask your advisor if he or she happens to know anyone in the department.

    Calculus, topology, geometery, etc.- you may have taken some math they'd like to see, and they may be willing to take you on as long as you take undergrad stuff. This is really school specific, so you need to contact people.
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