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Graduate project from computer science college

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    I will creat a web-based training course with animation for a physics course including mechanics as agraduate project from computer science college.So, I need someone to help me about the softwares available which they deal with the animation graphics which depended on the entry value.
    OR any thing any idea that I can created in my site .
    but the important thing until now is the S/W that use it in physics field.

    Thank's alot......
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    what software are you looking for exactly?
    do you want someone to help you to find it or to write it?:smile:
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    If your looking into making animations, you'd probably want to consider Macromedia Flash. It can churn out some really high quality graphics. I think 3d is even possible with it now.

    If you just want to make simple animations out of still graphics you might consider some animated-gif making program.

    A good start for your search, would probably be:

    http://www.tucows.com/mmedia.html [Broken]
    http://www.tucows.com/internet.html [Broken] -- look at the very bottom under the section "Web Building tools"

    The first to links are to tucows, a site with a collection of various software/freeware/shareware. You might find something to help there.

    The third link is the Macromedias "Studio MX" which is a entire web site building suite. Flash is included, and I think you can download a demo.
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