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Graduate School Advice Needed: Where to Apply with my stats & backup schools

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    Graduate School Advice Needed: Where to Apply with my stats & "backup" schools

    As an undergraduate I've studied engineering physics. It seems in general that graduate students in engineering have a lower gpa than those in physics or math. I have since decided I would like to do physics research and will be applying to physics graduate programs in the next month. While I know my top choices (CU-Boulder and UIUC) I am still investigating some more realistic schools and would like input. If anyone knows of schools I should consider as backups or has gotten into schools and has statistics similar to mine please let me know. Thanks.

    Undergraduate Institute: Small State School known for engineering
    Major: Engineering Physics
    Minor: Chemistry
    Overall GPA: 3.40
    GPA in last year: 3.63
    Research: 1 REU in Bioengineering
    Other work: 9 month position as mechanical engineer, tutor
    Extras: 3 season Student athlete, SPS, EWB
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