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Graduate School for Gravity

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    I'm undergrad in physics and am seeking prospective graduate (PhD) schools that have a very good program for studying GR and basically everything I can learn about gravity. I'm not overly concerned with schools being "ivy" league - I just want a school that specializes in my focus and can be recommended overall. Any ideas? European schools included?
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    Well, the first thing you should do is narrow down really what it is about gravity that you want to study at the PhD level. Are you interested in numerical relativity? Quantum gravity? Mathematical properties of GR? Modified theories of gravity? Gravitational radiation? Also, experimental or theoretical?

    Take some time to look into all of these different research areas (and there are undoubtedly more, I've just named a few that I'm familiar with). Once you've found some that are interesting, then people can start to make recommendations.
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    Thanks Nabeshin. While I can't claim to know a great deal about all the various branches of gravity, I am set on quantum gravity.
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