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Graduate School in Engineering

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    This is a double post, Moderators Please delete the one in "General Engineering"

    I really have no doubt that I will attend graduate school some time or another in my life. My question is about the choice of attending it straight out of undergrad, or after having worked for a few years.

    I am on a co-op term, and I will return to my 4th year at a canadian university this september. I will be faced with the decision soon enough.

    Things going on in my head
    Grad School pro:
    1.More school! Yay!
    2.prospects of ending up with a better career!
    3.full funding, only condition being acceptance, and possible scholarship if my grades are high enough
    4. Finish my Graduate degree earlier

    Straight to Workforce pro:
    1. Break from School!
    2. Chance to explore fields of interest
    3. Salary will be significantly higher than graduate school funding
    4. boring job (most likely)

    What other pros to each side should I consider?
    Care to provide any life examples?

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    It's probably best to get a graduate degree right away. Sometimes when one settles down with a job, and especially if one starts a family, it's very difficult to go back to grad school. Certainly, if one is in debt, it's nice to work, earn a salary and pay down the debt.

    On the other hand, if one can find a job in which one is encourage to get an advanced degree, then one should consider that job.

    I'm moving this thread to Academic & Career Guidance.
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