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Graduate School in Mathematics

  1. Jul 26, 2012 #1
    Hi. So my first year of university was good. I had a 3.7/4 gpa then. Then, I transferred to another university and my marks dropped significantly (for certain reasons, not all of which were entirely my fault). My gpa in my second year was 2.88/4. Now, I'm in my 3rd year, first semester, and I expect to have an 85% average for this semester (exams are soon, and I know the grades I'm going in to the exams with). I expect the following semesters will be at least as good.

    Now, I have been looking at some grad schools for math (some masters programs, some phd programs), and it seems that I will be meeting the minimum requirements (by a reasonable margin). Despite this, I feel that the chance of me getting in is pretty low, when I realize that there are going to be a ton of applicants who have been getting 90 averages for every year of their undergrad career.

    I just want to know if I have a reasonable chance getting in to a good grad school for math (i.e. one that is recognized by the math community as a good one). Thanks.
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