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Graduate School Options Advice

  1. Mar 16, 2010 #1
    I am planning on completing a B.Sc. Applied Mathematics.

    Initially I probably plan on working in the software industry, hopefully in something with more of a scientific bent.

    I fully intend on returning to school with in a decade or so to pursue a graduate degree in Physics or Astronomy.

    I'll take physics classes on my own time to get my physics skills up to par.
    I'll take the GRE and hopefully do quite well.

    What are my possibilities for getting into a program, particularly in a field where my mathematics and programming background would be highly valued, ei something that is computationally heavy like Computational Astrophysics or the like.

    The main thing I am worried about is having absolutely no undergraduate research experience in physics or otherwise when applying. How will this effect me? Does having significant work experience in a technical field somewhat offset this?

    BONUS QUESTION: As an effective independent studier, if I were to study physics up to a sufficient level, Intro QM, Griffith's E&M, Classical Mechanics,etc. And able to do well on the GRE, say as well as an acceptable physics graduate, could I forego shelling out my money on additional university classes.
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