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Graduate schools in particle physics

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    Hello, I'm a ungrad inbetween my junior and senior year, and I'm looking to go into particle physics. Specifically, I'm interested in entering a graduate program with researchers who specialize in Yang-Mills, string theory, and/or SUGRA. I'm also interested in gravitation and its relationship to particle physics. My current university is rather anti-string theory, so I'm not entirely certain I trust them to give me accurate advice about the university that I ought to attend.

    About me:
    I'm not (on paper) a spectacular student, but I'm certainly not bad, either. I have a double major in mathematics and physics with a 3.2-3.3 GPA, so I'm an A-B student with a few C's. I've taken a graduate level math course (differential topology), I'm decently well-versed in differential geometry, and I know how to do general relativity. I have payed research experience (one summer) and have done volunteer research for a year, both in theoretical cosmology (No publications). I'm taking the phys subject GRE in the fall so I don't have any data on that yet. My current university is between top 10-40 in physics undergraduate. I will have at least one good letter of recommendation, though I expect I'll have a second good letter of recommendation from my senior project adviser.

    (Any place in the US, Canada, or England is where I'd prefer to be)

    So, I'm looking for advice on: a range, preferably below top 15 (although I'd like to have 1 or 2 just in case, but I don't think with my information its reasonable to expect to get into tier 1 schools) but above top 35. The schools/researchers that I looking for are interested in, as I said, SUGRA, Yang-Mills, and string theory.

    Can anyone help me assemble a list of universities that fit these criterion, and that I have a reasonable expectation of getting into? Like I said, I've been looking around and I'm not sure which universities fit into what I'm looking for.
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