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Graduate studies in Canada

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    I'm about to complete my Bachelor of Science in Physics and am interested in doing graduate studies in Canada. Any Canadian universities you can recommend for theoretical physics, in particular HEP and QG?
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    UBC,MAC adn UFT come to mind..
    though UW opened a units physics institute but i think its more QC then QG.
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    UW's physics department is actually merged with guelph university's. I'd say UofT or GWP (UW and Guelph's) that's like Harvard or MIT basically. GWP is a much younger grad school but it's also more closely linked with the Perimeter Institute.
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    waterloo, UBC, toronto...
    Waterloo is next to the Perimeter institute, but im not sure as to what kind of partnerships they have, if any
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    Waterloo swaps profs with the PI (for better or worse) and most of its phys profs also work there in the disciplines of quantum computing and such (plus the institute of quantum computing).
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    How about Carleton University?

    It's a medium-sized school in Ottawa, Ontario, and was recently found to have the highest impact research in Canada based on citation data from the ISI. The article is at http://www.physics.carleton.ca/events/acco.gif. However, the research done by the department is generally in particle or medical physics, which may not be your interests.
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    any of the universities that operate TRIUMF, canada's physics lab in vancouver (& world's largest cyclotron), would be good choices. those are u of victoria, u of bc, sfu, u of alberta (i think).
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    Actually, the universities that operate Triumf are (from http://www.triumf.info/): [Broken]

    University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, Carleton University, Simon Fraser University, University of Toronto, University of Victoria

    So that was almost right :)
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