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Graduate studies in china

  1. Apr 23, 2009 #1
    Hi all,

    i plan to do a ph.d in neuroscience (i am working with functional connectivity in fmri data right now) and i've found some cool places in China, mainly institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and neural engineering research in the Tsinghua university.

    My question is, does anybody has any references about doing graduate studies in China? My main concern is the language, i´m studying chinese right now but i am far from the level of a test such as HSK. Some programs (but no all) have no formal language prerrequisites (but you are supposed to study the language while in china, that is not a problem for me , because i am in love with the language and the culture). Another concern are the living conditions.

    So, if anybody has any experiencie or knownledge to share about this i´ll be grateful!
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    Many graduate programs, especially in Qinghua are also offered in English. Some of the universities can also provide you with language training courses, although it is best to with them about that first.

    Qinghua is the best university in China, and the Chinese Academy of Science is a large state funded research organization. Both are prestigious and well known in China, there you would work with the best and brightest that China has to offer. Given China's growing importance in the scientific world, long term it will be worth it to go.

    Hope this was useful.
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