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Graduating in physics this year

  1. Dec 22, 2008 #1
    I'm graduating in physics this year at a not-very-well-known-but-still-good-college and I was hoping to try an MSc in theoretical physics somewhere out there -> America (Caltech, Berkeley, bla bla bla bla)!
    My grades are not asian standard excellent (I have about 70-80% average), and it would be impossible for me to pay for 1 year in the USA + fees unless I got some kind financial aid.
    Is it even worth applying? I mean, is there any universe where I would be accepted in a good college and given a full scholarship?

    Thank you
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    Re: MSc

    From what I've read and learned here on PF, you could probably apply (if you have somewhat good grades, very good letters of recommendation and done well on the PGRE test) to a good college but not as famous as MIT or Caltech. (To be accepted there you need to have excellent grades, almost perfect ones).
    By the way you could apply for a doctorate instead of a master. I think in both doctorate and master they pay you for studying. So money shouldn't be a problem if you get accepted.

    For everyone else : If I've said something wrong please let me know.
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