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Grain size

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    1) Hi just checking if the definition of grain size is the average size of grains in a metal expressed as average diameter. if it is not or if there is a more accurate definition could u define it for me.
    2) and if the formula N=2n-1 or is it N=2^(n-1)
    n being the number of grains per square inch at magnification of 100 diameters.
    or if i am completely wrong please tell me.

    thank you
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    Simple forumula is n = 2^(G - 1), or n = 2^(N - 1), where:
    n = the number of grains per square inch at 100X magnification, and
    G, N = the ASTM grain size number.

    See Complications---Different Measures of Size and
    Evolution of Test Methods E 112

    in http://www.metallography.com/grain.htm

    http://mse.iastate.edu/solidification/Courses/MatE443-Website/instructions/ASTM_grainsize.pdf [Broken]
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