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Grammar advice?

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    Grammar advice? :)

    Is the sentence "This is bad and good, but the question is: 'from whom's point of view?'" a, uh, grammatically correct sentence? As I know, whom comes after prepositions and is an object, while who is a.. subject? Thanks :smile:
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    I think its whose, but I know nothing about these kinds of things.
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    Whom is the objective case and who is the subjective case. It helps to know that you can replace "whom" with him/her and the sentence will still make sense, while you can replace "who" with he/she.

    ex: Whom does she know?
    Who are you?
    This is he.

    In the clause you provided, "from whom's point of view," it should be "from whose point of view."
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    Hooray! I got something right for once!
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    Would it be "This is me" or "This is I"?
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    "this is me"
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