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Homework Help: Grammar for Backus-Naur form postfix add/subtract

  1. Oct 31, 2013 #1
    I'm looking to write a grammar in Backus-Naur form for postfix addition and subtraction expressions involving the variables A,B,C

    Given the infix grammar:
    <expr> ::= <expr> + <term> | <expr> - <term> | <term>
    <term> ::= <term> * <factor> | <term> / <factor> | <factor>
    <factor> ::= (<expr>) | <id>
    <id> ::= A|B|C

    I assume that I need to create a parse tree, first, using the above grammar for an infix expression such as A + B + C and than traverse the parse tree in reverse order and read out the postfix version to form a postfix grammar?

    Would this be a valid way to go about this?
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