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Grammar Lesson #2

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    Contextualize (you may add words before and after, but not in) and punctuate the following fragment, so as to create a meaningful, plausible, sensical and grammatically correct sentence (or sentences):

    the the the the the

    Clearly, the easiest sentence(s) is some variation of the form "I have listed five 'the's in a row, thus: the the the the the", and I will immediately pooh-pooh it and derivatives of it as lazy and unimaginative.
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    Dick: There are two apples on the table. Bring the apple to me.
    Jane: I am bothered by the "the" in your sentence because there are two apples. You should say "Bring an apple to me."
    Sally: While I don't mind the "the", the 'the "the"' in Jane's sentence bothers me.
    Spot: While I don't mind the 'the "the"', the `the "the", the 'the "the"'` in Sally's sentence annoys me.

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    In the ficticious country if Kerplackistan, the ruler's title is The, and he frequently refers to himself in the third person, thus, the the The the The says is refers to the the that is speaking. Of course, the the's given name is traditionally "The-the" thus the The is the The The-the the thrid of Kerplackistan.

    Of course, without resorting to sillyness, it's very difficult to string together more than two thes in a row, since when we say "the the", the the the the specifies to is a noun, rather than an artcile.
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    What "the?"
    The "the!"
    The "the?"
    Yes, that "the."
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    The senior sign painter slapped his forehead “There’s supposed to be spaces!”
    “Spaces? What do you mean?” said the apprentice.
    The sign says “TriptheLightFantastic”
    There should be spaces between the ‘Trip’, the ‘the’, the ‘the’, the “Light’, the ‘Light’ and the ‘Fantastic’.
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    Fourteen years after their first album, the band "The The" released "Dusk", which would hit the charts with songs like "Dogs of Lust" and "Slow Emotion Replay". From one day to next they become one of the most popular groups in the United States and abroad. So who really are the "The The"? "The The" are a British musical and multimedia group that has been around since 1979 in various forms, with Matt Johnson being the only constant band member. Releases are fairly few and far between but over the years The The has managed to sell several million albums internationally.

    (i could easily have gone for six in there :smile: )
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