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Grand Prix of Formula 1

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    Maybe this post is off topic in this forum, and not at the appropriate time because the last Grand Prix of Formula 1 was one week ago, but let's discuss about this year's championship. The Renault team has been very successful winning first and third place (Fisichella, Alonso) in the first GP and first place (Alonso) in the second GP in Malaysia. Bravo to the team of Flavio Briatore, which has experienced a wild success after several years of poor performance!
    On the other hand the relatively new team Toyota has also been successful. These two teams have left far behind Ferrari, BMW, and McLaren that had dominated the scene the recent years. It has been a disaster for Schumacher brothers, Barichello, Coulthard, etc. What do you think, is this just occasional for the first two races? Will Ferrari show up again? What is your prediction for the rest of the Championship?
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    For the first time in possibly 5 years it's not completely mundane and predictable. Definitely gonna be a more interesting season. You might like http://www.sniffpetrol.com - a cracking car pisstake website with a large number of pokes at F1.
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    GO Alonso, GO Alonso, GO!!!

    You can't imagine how popular is Fernando Alonso here. Every spaniard is pushing his car when he's driving. Without any doubt, the sucessor of Schumacher will be Alonso, if not this year it will be the next when he join Ferrari.
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    Oh is Alonso really going to Ferrari next year poor guy? It will be bad for him, as it seems that Ferrari is degrading to the last positions of Formula 1 :biggrin: If Alonso would like to be a champion he should remain with the Renault team.
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    I really like the way the new rules have made F1 interesting again. But let's see what happens when the Scuderia unleashes the F2005 car.
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    Yeah, I'm very astonished by the very big progression of Alonso in a few years. Spain has never had a pilot of high rank...

    I'm also used to the jokes that my friends make about my surname (My name is Miguel Alonso)
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    I am barracking for Karthikeyan, he placed 15 in the Australian Prix, but he was the fastest debutant there.. but he got better in Malaysia, only his second GP, where he placed 11..
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    Fernando won the race in Bahrain, his second consecutive victory, and now leads the Championship with a difference of ten poins with respect to the second, the Italian Trulli

    The Bahrain Racing Circuit lies in an oasis in the middle of the desert
    http://www.racingone.com/images/tracks/hires/328.jpg [Broken]

    Herr Schumacher had the first mechanical failure in more than 50 races and was unable to finish the GP
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    Bravo bravo ALONSO!

    I realize I'm with F.Alonso now! And with Fisichella.
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