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Graph Help

  1. Nov 19, 2007 #1

    Basically i'm doing a experiment, and part of is looking at the draining time of water over a certain distances.

    I've got the data but unsure how to put it into a graph. The data goes something like this:

    Water heights [mm] Velocity of water [m/s]

    120 - 90 1.30E-03
    90 - 60 1.20E-03
    60 - 30 9.38E-04
    30 - 0 4.23E-04

    I want to put this into a scatter graph, comparing the two, water heights on the x-axis. But i'm unsure if i can use the points '120-90' as x-axis values. Can I?

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    In an Excel graph, you can designate any array of contagious cells as the x-axis labels.
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