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Graph Help

  1. Apr 7, 2009 #1
    Graph Help!!!!!

    Plot the graph of the electrical field created by a point charge of 10^-6 C as a funtion of distance to the charge. Plot the graph for the range of the distances from 0.1m to 1m

    Should I use this equation.... E= Q/(4.pi.e)x(d^2) as this is for
    electric field strength and not eletric field created as asked????

    If i do use thsi equation,
    Do I need a value for e or can i ignore the 4.pi.e and just use E= Q/(d^2)
    Do I graph the value of E to the correseponding value i used for d???
    Should the graph be an inverse square graph??

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: <b>Graph Help!!!!<b/>

    You can use E = k*q/r2 where k = 1/4πεo

    That's k= 9*109

    Since your scale is a concern as it spans a range of input that is a factor of 10, then your y axis needs to span a factor of 100.
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