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Homework Help: Graph of Electric Potential vs. Function

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    copy and paste the url onto your address bar

    http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid140/p1b9d403a3d9390dd3e7c43eaa1b6e0c8/f6ed3314.jpg [Broken]

    the question asks me to draw a graph of electric potential vs distance starting from from point g (starting at g and going around in a clockwise manner).

    i am not sure how to proceed. i mean i know voltage is only meaningful if it is measured as a difference between two points. for instance, i know the voltage across the 10 ohm resistor is 0.09009V, which is the voltage at b relative to a. On the graph would i just have b = 0.09009V? If i start at g, does it mean that g has a voltage of zero?

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    Linky no worky ("page not found").
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    sorry.. about the copying and pasting thing. just click on the link and it should work.
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    That didn't work either ("forbidden"). Maybe it'll work for other people.
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