Graph of f(x)=sin^2*x

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I'm trying to get the correct graph for this function off the computer. Can you please guide me to where I could get it and print it??
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Does this help?
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You seem to want a picture of the graph, here is one. [Broken]
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  • graph of sin^2(x).png
    graph of sin^2(x).png
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It would really help if you could give me these properties for this function.

Highlight all the properties: domain, range, maximum or minimum, lines of symmetry, restrictions, x-intercepts(zeros), y-intercepts.
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What properties are you unable to find yourself?
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I am unable to find any of them. A little guide on how to get them would be good.
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You should be able to see the lines of symmetry while looking at the picture. What is the definition of a function's domain/range?

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