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Homework Help: Graph of v(t) for a Sports Car

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    The graph shows the velocity v of a sports car as a function of time t . Use the graph to answer the following questions.

    1.) Find the maximum acceleration a_max of the car
    Express your answer in meters per second squared to the nearest integer.
    a_max= _____________________ m/s^2

    from the graph, should the acceleration be around 55m/s? but the answer must be in m/s^2, should am i suppose to convert it first? i'm new to physics, so all of this is pretty confusing.

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    Is this from a non-calculus based physics class?
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    velocity is in m/s is it not? Acceleration is the change of velocity with respect to a change in time or [itex]\Delta v/\Delta t[/itex]. Loot athe the graph and equate changes in velocity with their corresponding change in time.
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    it's a cal-based class.

    how would i find the changes in velocity? it's all over the place. and for time, would the change in time be 1?
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    If this is a calculus based class then you should know that acceleration is the slope of a velocity function.

    given a function y(x) then the slope of said function is dy/dx. Given a function of v(t) then the slope is dv/dt which is acceleration.

    Think slope and grab a ruler.
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